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Frequently asked questions regarding Buttobi.net Webhosting

Can I make a site with music/video?

Yes, as long as you pay attention to the following points.

* Music files can be uploaded if they were created by you, or you own the usage rights.

Although video files can be uploaded if you have the usage rights for the likeness of the people and scenery shown, please understand that if they cause a heavy load to the server due to concentrated access, they may be restricted or suspended.

* When publishing items that you own the publishing rights for, please make sure to indicate this.

Recordings from radio and televison, as well as recorded music files or video files, are not allowed to be uploaded at all. Please be aware that if such files are found it may lead to account deletion. (Internet radio programs, and so forth, that you made yourself, are fine as long as there are no issues with copyright)

* There are cases when music and videos are held not only by copyright, but by various rights. This applies to software mediums such as CD, where neighbouring rights are held by the producer as well as the performer, or the broadcaster. With videos, performers may hold the likeness rights as well as the neighbouring rights, and so forth. Please be fully aware that if files or other contents that you do not hold the rights for are published on your homepage, you may face legal punishment.

* Images and videos documenting the growth, and so forth, of infants or children are in many cases only viewed by close friends and family, and are also very rarely viewed more than once, and often have virtually no page views. Despite this, there are some people who, using multiple gigabytes of disk space, continue uploading such growth records for years. These cases will be seen as nothing more than file storage. If you create a homepage that lots of viewers can enjoy, or find useful, there is no problem with uploading photographs and images of infants and children, but when doing nothing but continuing to upload a record of growth, and using over 100 megabytes of disk space despite having virtually no viewers, the homepage will be deemed to be nothing more than file storage, and account deletion may follow.

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