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Are frames supported?

Yes, they are supported.

If making a homepage that uses frames, menu-only pages are exempt from display advertising. If this is the case, in the HTML file for that page, please add the comment tag <!--THIS_IS_A_FRAME_MENU--> before the "body" tag.

Please be aware that if this feature is misused in order to stop a page other than a menu frame from displaying advertising, it will be in violation of the User Agreement, and may lead to account deletion. This feature to exempt the page from displaying advertising may only be used on menu-only pages that display in a frame.

* If there are pages which show no advertising at all, this will lead to account deletion.

* This also applies to inline frames (the "iframe" tag). If the inline frame is small, it is treated as exempt, as with menu pages that display in a frame.

Whether or not menu frame pages and inline frame pages are exempt from displaying advertising is judged based on whether or not advertising can be seen when looking at the whole page.

If being displayed on a page where advertising can be seen, other menu frame pages and inline frame pages can be exempted from displaying advertising.

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