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Are there restrictions on CGI/PHP use?

As the server is for everyone to use, please do not create a exteremely heavy load to it.

If CGI or PHP you have uploaded causes a heavy load to the server, use of the CGI or PHP concerned may be restricted or suspended, and depending on the context (if our company judges there to be malicious intent, or that the User Agreement or FAQ has not been read, or similar) may lead to account deletion. Please be aware of this in advance and take caution.

Languages that can be used are Perl and PHP.

Also, in order to prevent the sending of spam mail, CGI or PHP that uses "sendmail" to send e-mail, makes transfers using sockets, or uses system commands, are not allowed to be used.

If you want to use intensive CGI or PHP scripts, please use our MailyWeb server, which can cope with high loads.

Jul 07 07:07 | CGI/PHP | Admin

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