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Can I change the advert text color?

Although there is no problem with changing the link color of the advertising text that is automatically inserted, the following is prohibited by the User Agreement.

- Modification, interference with, or removal of the advertisements automatically inserted on the user page (including obscuring of the advertisements by modification of the blog colors)

As "color schemes that are difficult to see" vary depending on how colors are displayed in the environment being used, such as the monitor, and so forth, and as such cannot be defined unconditionally, please appreciate that if the font almost blends into the background, or otherwise becomes difficult to see, this may in violation of the User Agreement.

In general, do not set the link color on your homepage so that it is difficult to see or difficult to click on. In order for links to be clicked on, they should instead be set to an easy to see color.

There is, however, no need for them to particularly stand out, and if the font and background color are set normally as described above, there will be no problem.

* Good example
Advertising link color
Advertising link color

* Bad example (examples of color schemes that are difficult to see)
Advertising link color
Advertising link color

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