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Can I use access analysers/counters?

Please use PAKAPEKO ONLINE. It can be used for free.

If using your own CGI or a feature created by another company, please check whether or not that company requires advertising to be displayed.

Displaying other companies' advertising is in violation of the User Agreement (personal non-profit sites are fine).
Infoseek's access analyser (formely called "CGI-BOY") displays advertising for other companies, as well as forcedly displaying itself at the top and so forth, and so cannot be used.

If you already understand part of the above-mentioned, make it so that it outputs with the appropriate part of the html changed to "Unavailable" or similar.

* If using other guestbooks from other companies (when CGI is not installed), as it is not on Buttobi.net itself, there is no problem with it displaying advertising.
Please judge based on whether or not advertising for another company is being displayed on your Buttobi.net page.

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