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Can I make an image/icon resource site

Merely using a site for file storage violates the User Agreement. If you are making a proper homepage then there is no problem.

For example, in the case of images, if the viewer sees a thumbnail displayed, clicks on it if they like it, and then sees a full size version that can be downloaded, then you can say that this is a proper homepage.

However, if there is only a list of filenames, whilst consuming over 100 megabytes of disk space, with little to no access, please be aware that the site will then be seen as mere file storage.

If leaving icons and so forth to be used on the messages boards and so forth of services, this will obviously be seen as file storage and lead to account deletion.

It is a prerequisite that things that are uploaded to Buttobi.net must be used on Buttobi.net.
(Excluding banner images)

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